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I worked for BusinessWeek from August 2008 until December 1, 2009, the day Bloomberg News took over after acquiring the magazine from McGraw-Hill.

It was an eventful 15 months: I joined a week before the Democratic National Convention that nominated Barack Obama. After attending that convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul the following week, I returned to the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The financial crisis was in full swing, and I had a front-row seat, covering financial regulation and the intersection of business, government and politics. Along with my boss, Jane Sasseen, and the other members of the tiny burueau (including Jon Cary, Steve LeVine and Keith Epstein), we founded an election blog and then transformed it into BW's (now defunct) Money & Politics blog. It was a fascinating, fun, exhausting ride. 

When Bloomberg News acquired BusinessWeek (closing the deal on December 1, 2009), much of the writing staff was laid off, and most of those who survived -- including me -- were dealt out to different parts of the newswire. I was assigned to the regulatory group in Washington, to cover housing policy and some derivatives issues. But I didn't stay at Bloomberg long: Soon after the change, I was invited to apply for a dream job of sorts -- rooting through corporate disclosures in search of interesting and significant stories for

Here are some of my articles and blog posts BusinessWeek and Bloomberg News.

Selected articles & blog posts